7 Mobile App Development Trends to Follow in 2019

As we can observe the trend of owning more smartphones every year, the significance of mobile apps has been augmented too. From the playing applications and highly large games to ones that can help you to know about your health and fitness, mobile app development isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. It is expected to see more growth in mobile application development trends in 2019. For people who like to know about latest changes in mobile app development sector, here are a few trends that are expected in 2019.


IoT has remained a rage in the previous few years and is growing at a fast pace. Companies around the world have started to realize the power of digital media. The recent developments in the IoT area have allowed us to control several devices with the help of smart devices. The trend of using Smart devices interlinked through sensors and software within a network constantly exchange information and serve a broad range of objectives.

The implementation of IoT in the development of iOS applications and Android apps is likely to be an important disruption in 2019. It will create ways to develop more sophisticated iOS and Android mobile apps which will help companies to improve operations, minimize expenses and improve cybersecurity. Among sectors, the healthcare industry is going to initiate these mobile app trends in 2019.


AR and VR are technologies which are going to deliver the most practical experience to the users. The use of AR/VR is pretty common in the gaming world. Marketers have been taking advantage of this technology to promote their campaigns and target potential customers in a more efficient manner by using mobile apps. App Experts know the significance of the use of these trends for mobile app development. They can offer you the wide range solutions for mobile app development. In 2019 mobile app development trends will include the trend of using

AR/VR technology to interact with the target audience in an effective manner and improve the buying process. Since we can already observe the trend of social media campaigns in 2018, mobile apps will be developed with features of augmented and virtual realities so that they can interact in an effective manner. As we can see that Snapchat and Instagram have incorporated their AR filters.


Chatbots have evident to develop a more efficient self-service model which can give the users with personalized experience of getting answered their queries in real time. Initially, chatbots were increasingly used in messaging applications like Facebook, slack, Skype. Moreover, modernizations in Artificial intelligence have made it easy for businesses to incorporate chatbots in their native mobile applications. Chatbots can enhance the functionality of mobile apps and it has been evident in the past few years.

Their talkative interface augments engagement of customers and increases adoption of the app across the company. One of the significant benefits of the chatbot application in iOS and Android apps is that every user can increase the accuracy of results delivery for the app. This and several other benefits can improve the chatbot application in mobile development in 2019. App experts have a fair idea of how these trends can affect a business in a positive way.


AI has proved to be the most dominant technology trend in 2018 and will continue to maintain its importance in 2019 as well. However, AI has been there for the little time period, but it still has managed to contain various features to be explored so that companies can have several advantages. Recently, AI has been integrated with machine learning to have more improved experience in mobile app development. It has proved to be effective by showing positive results in evaluating the significant amount of the company’s information and equipping the management with valuable actionable insights.



We can see the changes in buying behavior of consumers and payment methods. In past, the most common medium of payment switched from cash to digital cards and also payments through paytm and Google pay. According to various researchers And Markets, the mobile wallet market is going to be increased.

These applications will help your smart devices assuming yet another significant part. Assuming that ongoing procedure in adopting the trend of e-commerce and consumer preference form wallets, there will be more apps for mobile payment seen joining the bandwagon in 2019.

Influence of Wearable Apps

As individuals are moving towards popular technologies, we can evidence creative ideas getting implemented. The idea of wearable apps can be considered as the significant one. According to the report of business intelligence, the market for wearables will increase by around 35% by 2019. Smartwatches not only help you to be a stylish person but also proved to be the crucial digital device on many fronts.

App Security to Become More Robust

Mobile app development will be more focused to eradicate the illegal activities and providing the users with protected apps. iOS and Android apps are going to be made with security features. So this year, iOS & Android app developers will try to eliminate all kind of mobile illegal activities such as hacking, phishing, and all sorts of illegal activities.

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