What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?


Familiar with Bixby on your Samsung device? Or Siri on your iPhone? When machine starts interacting and reacting like humans do, this is what we term as Artificial Intelligence. Back in those times when we were kids and robots were just a thing, science just took a turn and brought us to an era where things walk and talk like us humans. Much more then Robots – Times where we are now encountering Virtual Robos that will change the future.

Guess what, with the ability to think and react, we got Smart Phones, Smart Computers, Smart homes etc. Basically, to cut it short – It’s all about making Machines Intelligent.

John McCarthy, the founder and one of the Fathers of Artificial Intelligence quoted

“Everyone needs computer programming. Its as if we are speaking to servants.”

Servants? Or perhaps mates?

You sure agree with us here. Relate to how we instruct google talk to place a call for us? Or Siri for absurd advices – This all is what Artificial Intelligence is all about. And yet again, for you to observe one of the prime gadgets took a toll in serving as its testing platforms – Take a guess on which gadget are we talking about?

Smart Phones.

With millions of mobile applications, android apps or IOS applications, there is an integrated programming that detects, thinks and responds.

Take an example – Google Maps? Don’t you feel when using one as if you are speaking to an imaginary friend who is there to guide? If we say after the evolution of Artificial Intelligence it all has taken a 360-degree turn, it won’t be wrong.

Not only has it effected our day to day lives but also the gadgets we use.

Want to explore how has AI effected and transformed our already advanced gadgets? How has it transformed the art of iOS & Android App Development? Or what are AI powered apps?

Let’s find out.


Science never fails to startle. And so, does its inventions. With emergence of Artificial Intelligence, it’s getting more complexed but easier for developers to integrate features in applications that can read human patterns and behaviors. Having an impact on lives, it also is having one to the Science of application development.



Developers are always keen to bring in updates to already existing applications. Before it was sort of a One-Man show or in other words One-Device show. Us humans would have never imagined interacting with some device. AI has changed it all – Being integrated with many apps we now have come to a point where apps can detect human behaviors, respond as per their patterns and interact making user engagement easy.

There always is a room for improvement, right? With more and more combinations of AI and Basic apps, developers are advancing further in making them adapt more and more user data, insights and patterns. Thus, the more the data, more will be the information for analysis. Technically, they will be Intelligent mobile apps.


No matter whatever someone thinks about AI Advancements, the demand of user experience is one of AI Technology’s greatest achievements. All hail to the artificial intelligence ideas that people using them now can experience it all live.

Could you ever have imagined watching movies and experiencing shots as they were exclusive? 3D and 4D effects has all made it possible.

Or, when your mobile simply detects your voice with a command or say your face through smart mobile apps like Voice Recognition or Face detectors?

It all is a milestone achieved in the history of AI. With AI powered apps, not only can your gadget recognize you but also perform as per your commands. Interesting – Isn’t it? How you can now drive your own gadget with your voice? With all these, developers are striving in figuring out better and much advanced Mobile App ideas with Artificial Intelligence to give you an exciting experience.

AI with its technology is in a way giving a new life to Android & iOS application development. Integration of Artificial Intelligence in Mobile Technology has not only startled its developers but also those using it with utmost satisfaction. Why wouldn’t they? Ease is what they are getting after all. Ease on commanding apps to perform tasks for them. Also, we heard about AppExperts and multiple others brands who have expertise in mobile app development. Just in case if you are planning on getting an AI Powered Application developed for your business you know whom to contact.

We believe, there is much more in days to come. Much more to explore and much more to learn. With all these technological advancements, it will be a new world where Machines and Humans will live together!

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