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The History of Google Android Versions

With the rapid advancement in the history of smartphones. Most Particularly, the release of initial iPhone launched in 2007 caught people’s attention. Since, then iOS became world’s first smartphone operating system to feature relatively exciting features, alongside with the introduction of Google’s Android OS, devices powered with Android gained massive success and popularity around the […]

5 Exciting iOS Games to Play in 2019

Apple iOS is booming in the industry since 2007, the age-old Android and Apple rivalry has proceeded the smartphone industry with massive handheld gadgets with utmost performance. Significantly, the gaming industry since past 5 years has experienced a rapid enhancement by producing high quality games for mobile devices, particularly, gaming on Apple iPhone and iPads […]

Top 5 Android Games for the year 2019

With the rapid increase in the dimensions of mobile application development has led to the emergence of wide variety of applications including Android & iOS Games in 2019. Certainly, with growing age of handheld devices, game developers tend to develop quality-oriented android and iOS games to experience real world objects and insights to be produced […]

7 Mobile App Development Trends to Follow in 2019

As we can observe the trend of owning more smartphones every year, the significance of mobile apps has been augmented too. From the playing applications and highly large games to ones that can help you to know about your health and fitness, mobile app development isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. It is expected to see […]


Books – Men’s best friend. A world of imagination, learning and exploration. The feeling reader’s get when turning those crisp book pages has no comparison. Regardless of everything being available today on internet or books turning into E-Books on Kindle, the way original books work for you, digital screens are nowhere near to them. Remember […]


Sitting on your couch, sipping your favorite cappuccino all of a sudden you feel the urge of munching on to something. You tap open Zomato, place an order from your favorite restaurant and there. All you have to do now is wait for the delivery guy to buzz! Appeasing, right? Now just think for a […]