The History of Google Android Versions

With the rapid advancement in the history of smartphones. Most Particularly, the release of initial iPhone launched in 2007 caught people’s attention. Since, then iOS became world’s first smartphone operating system to feature relatively exciting features, alongside with the introduction of Google’s Android OS, devices powered with Android gained massive success and popularity around the world. Significantly, Android and iOS rivalry has been the common debate going on for more than a decade now, alongside both platforms are producing quality-oriented apps that are revolutionizing the smartphone industry.

The Android OS was initially released for HTC-made T-Mobile smartphone in 2008, although people might not know the detailed history of Android, as it was developed and implemented even before it was available on smartphones. Seems Surprising? Isn’t it? Yes, it’s true that Android was initially developed by Andy Rubin, a renowned computer programmer in the year 2003, who was initially developing OS for digital cameras. Soon, he realized that market sector of digital camera based operating systems possibly wasn’t on a feasible track, in this way, Android Incorporation drifted its attention from digital cameras to smartphones.

In 2005, Google purchased Apple Inc. however, people had uncertainty about the fact google won’t be able to make it to the cellular business market. Subsequently, Google took a step towards the cellular business for the marketing of Android to various smartphone manufacturing companies, initially HTC implemented the initial version of Android, by debuting its first smartphone the HTC Dream in 2008, equipped with Android 1.0.

Initially started with the Android Donut embedded with HTC Dream, since then Android has experienced tremendous growth by its later versions. In this Article, we have discussed about the historical variants of Android OS, and how progressively Android OS has impacted the smartphone industry worldwide.

Android 1.0:

The Android 1.0 was the initial version that utilized the plethora of Android OS, technically, it didn’t occupy the place of full-fledged OS, as it was initially a testing phase for development of the complete OS. However, it had quite familiarities which were adopted by the later variants. such as, most of the developers agreed on the point of dealing with notifications, pull-down notification window that surpassed the iOS notification system.

Initially, Google Play Store, was termed as Market, it was released few months later then App Store, it was revealed that both the competitors want to have a centralized unit to store all the apps and relevant stuff, which now seems to be most common element used in every smartphone.

Android 1.0 also revealed the concept of using home screen widgets, a feature which is lacked by iOS till to date. However, developers weren’t able to develop their own widgets at that time. This situation was tackled in the later versions. Additionally, the initial version of Android was embedded with Gmail, the ground-breaking service used worldwide.

Android 1.5 Cupcake:

Android 1.5 Cupcake caught the market attention when it was released in the year 2009, It was reportedly considered as the breakdown in the history of Android. The rapid enhancement in this variant was the first on-screen keyboard, a support which the previous variants were lacking, several refinements to the Android UI were also implemented on the platform.

Cupcake also possessed a refurnished framework for third party enabled mobile app widgets, which can be considered as one of the unique features, and it was also regarded as the first ever platform to have an option of video recording.

Android 1.6: Donut:

Later, In the fall of 2009 Android come up with a new revolution that rolled around the world, commonly it was known as Android 1.6 Donut. This variant of Android was capable to operate on different screen resolutions and sizes, at that time it was one of the critical feature’s for quite a long time period.

Moreover, CDMA support was an added enhancement for Android Users to possible to operate on CDMA Networks such as Verizon etc. Also, the famous android’s search box was first introduced in Android 1.6 Donut.

Android 2.0 and 2.1: Éclair:

Moving ahead, Android 2.0: Éclair was introduced six weeks later than Android 1.6 Donut, also Android Éclair 2.1 update was released few months later. It was the first Android Version that always been one step ahead of the mainstream operating system, initially it was caused by the marketing campaign led by the Motorola’s Droid Phone featuring Verizon variant.

Google Maps Navigation was an essential feature released on Android 2.0 and 2.1: Éclair variants. Furthermore, the internet browsing got improved, new features like HTML5 Support was integrated with the browser along with the capability to play videos, which kept Android on par with iOS at that time period. Lastly, the lock screen got improved as it allowed users to swipe to unlock the phone, similar to the iOS, via lock screen, users also got the ability to change the phone’s mute feature.

Android 2.2: Froyo:

Android 2.2: Froyo was released in the month of May 2010, four months later after the arrival of Android 2.1 Éclair version. Google enhanced the KPIs in Android 2.2: Froyo, Major improvement was the availability for Flash on Android, and a revamped home screen added rapid enhancement inducing within the whole working procedure.

Android 2.3: Gingerbread:

Later, In the month of December 2010, seven months later after the release of Android 2.2: Froyo. This version was the improved variant of its predecessor, it comprised of improved UI, New Buttons, Widgets, Redesigned Menus, Icons and Themes were Implemented making Android, an eye-catching OS for Smartphone Users.

Android 3.0: Honeycomb:

This version of Android was introduced in 2011, this version came up with several changes that weren’t available on its predecessor, Android 2.3: Gingerbread. It featured visual design user interface, adding 3D like User-Interaction, improved multitasking and a set of responsive design elements for large screen devices, particularly tablet PCs.

The messaging feature, control and password functionalities were also improved, as the company proceeded further to redesign the complete sophisticated OS for Android powered devices.

Android 4.0: Ice Cream Sandwich:

Android 4.0: Ice Cream Sandwich was released in the last quarter of 2011, this version brought updated features for the devices powered with Android OS. It featured sleek interface for easier navigation, panorama camera mode feature, consisting of built-in software providing flexibility and instructions, along with built-in photo editing tools.

Most Importantly, a redesigned app for contacts was implemented along with enhanced networking & information security features such as visual voice email and further a security feature was introduced that allowed users to unlock their phones via facial recognition techniques. The newer Android Beam featured, Near Field Communication (NFC) for transmitting information of maps, contacts, photos or apps between multiple Android Devices with close interaction of proximity from the transmitting end to the receiving end.

Android 4.1 to 4.3: Jelly Bean:

This version caught the attention of market on July, 2011. Apart from its predecessor, the version 4.1 consisted of several new features including improved notification system with enhanced user controls, AI-base voice recognition for verbally sending emails and relevant stuff etc. Improved Supportability of HTML5 and upgrade to JavaScript Engine version 8.

Furthermore, Google Now, a predictive searching algorithm, that performs functionality of learning and integrating the related content to each specific user. Likewise, Project Butter, an Android Initiative to forecast moments on UI and adjusting frames for the enhancement of responses.

Android 4.4: KitKat:

This version was unrevealed on September 3rd, 2013, its sole purpose was to optimize operating systems for the enhancement of performance on entry-level smartphones and tablets PCs. Initially, it was code-named as “Key Lime Pie”, but later-on it was renamed as “KitKat”.

Android 4.4: KitKat was intended to be designed specifically for devices having lesser performance and computing resources. As of October 2018, Google’s estimated rankings indicate that over 7.6% of all Android Devices using Google Play Services were powered with KitKat.

Android 5.0 & 5.1: Lollipop:

Google revamped Android with its newer lollipop variants in the fall of 2014. Lollipop comprised of the present Material Design Standard, which became visible on the lock screen, devising the whole new procedure to eliminate drawbacks present in the previous versions of Android OS.

Android Lollipop variants featured a new notification system, redesigned app menu, several APIs, less power consumption and diverse enterprise tools, initial devices equipped with Android Lollipop were Nexus 6 Smartphone and HTC’ Nexus 9 Phablet.

Android 6.0: Marshmallow:

The sixth major release in the Android OS series, called Android Marshmallow was initially released as a beta version on May 28, 2015, Later, it was released officially on October 5, 2018, Nexus devices were the initial devices to officially receive Android OS updates.

Android 6.0: Marshmallow solely focused on improving the complete user experiences and issues of its predecessor, Android Lollipop. Several, new features were introduced in Android Marshmallow including new permissions-based architecture, improved APIs for Contextual Assistant, Fingerprint recognition and USB-C connectors, transfer of data and applications to microSD card became possible via the introduction of Android Marshmallow.

The statistical analysis depicts that around 21.3% of devices accessible via Google Play were powered on Android Marshmallow, As of October 2018.

Android 7.0 & 7.1: Nougat:

This series revolved around the consumer market Since 2016, initially Android released its seventh major release, code named, “Nougat” as Alpha-Test versions on March 9, 2016, Later, its was officially release on August 22, 2016, Nexus devices were the first devices to officially receive the Android OS updates, followed by the LG V20 being the first smartphone officially released with Android Nougat.

The Android Nougat series brought significant changes to its predecessors and the development platform, such as ability to display multiple apps on-screen only once within a split-screen view, supportability of internal responses to notification system, enhanced power saving mode known as “Doze” and several other updates were implemented in this operating system.

The news reviled that, as of October 2018, notably 28.2% devices are powered with Android Nougat accessible with Google Play.

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Android 8.0 & 8.1: Oreo:

The eight major release in the series of Android OS, officially hit the market on August 17, 2017. The major approaches were improved which were lacked in its predecessor, variety of major features were introduced, comprising of grouping of notifications, picture in picture video support, improved battery usage, performance optimization, Improved Bluetooth 5 support and several other features were officially implemented in this Android version.

The improved variant, Android 8.1: Oreo was officially released in December 2017, Nexus and Pixel devices were notably the first devices to receive the update. This version brought minor updates related to fixing bugs and improved User Interface.

Android 9.0: Pie:

Ten years later, the ninth major release of Android OS captured the marketplace, on August 6th, 2018, the version 9.0 was codenamed as “Pie” later referred as “Android P”. Initially, the google preview variant was brought up on the first developers preview on March 7th, 2018.

Initially, Android “P” was released for Google’s “Pixel” devices and Essential Phone. Albeit, Sony Xperia XZ3 was the first device powered with pre-installed Android Pie version.

The major improvement in this version is the new gesture navigation system, enhanced user experiences, Improved APIs and plenty of rapid improvements are being implemented in this version.


In this article, we have discussed about the brief history of Android OS till to date. We exploratory explained the detailed history of Android OS, as how Android has gone through several dimensions and massive enhancements since its initiation till to date and in future Android OS will avidly reach to the heights. On the other hand, Android app makers following all the updates and create applications according to the latest Android versions like the developers at AppExperts. Hence, it is proven that Android historical developments has provided new edge to the smartphone market.

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5 Exciting iOS Games to Play in 2019

Apple iOS is booming in the industry since 2007, the age-old Android and Apple rivalry has proceeded the smartphone industry with massive handheld gadgets with utmost performance.

Significantly, the gaming industry since past 5 years has experienced a rapid enhancement by producing high quality games for mobile devices, particularly, gaming on Apple iPhone and iPads creates a sight of entitlement to produce marvelous results and reliable features to experience for iOS users.

Most of the leading iOS app developers are working on producing quality-oriented games to deliver cutting edge experience to the gamers. Similarly, App Experts is working on quality oriented iOS Gaming Apps most particularly focusing on reasonable rates.

1. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

It’s an upcoming game about to be released in July, 2019. The game will comprise of augmented reality concepts, providing a blended insight into the real-world scenarios.

The game is planned to be launched exclusively for mobile platforms particularly the latest variant of Apple iOS. According to Niantic, the game has captured inspiration from Pokémon Go and Ingress, which are known to be the initial hits of Augmented Reality in the gaming domain.

2. Reckless Racing 3

Reckless Racing 3 is one of the finest racing games available for download with just a mere of $3 for the iOS platform. Isn’t it seem quality by investing reasonable quantity? Albeit it persists the proceedings of the traditional of top-of-line racing games with simpler, but captivating, gameplay that seems quite flawless mostly when you’ve to spare few moments on your Smartphone.

Within the game-play, you can select 28 cars on 36 racetracks, and can unlock new stuff as you proceed or pay extra pay to unlock it early. The game features numerous game modes, along with full game-pad support.

3. REIGNS: Game of Thrones

Everyone is eagerly having high hopes for release of the next season of the iconic Game of Thrones. However, REIGNS: Game of Thrones will help you captivate your mood.

During the game, you can choose various players from the hit series, and prioritize choices that’ll provide an impact as to why you’ll finally win the Game of Thrones and precede towards the Iron Throne itself. Seems Twisted? You’ll definitely make a decision using a Tinder style interface, swipe your phone on left and right to make proper choice.

But be aware of the circumstances, that every choice definitely possesses its pros and cons, so take a wise decision before making a strategical decision. The iOS variant of the game is available for download on iTunes with a feasible cost of just $3.99.

4. The Elder Scrolls: Blades

The Elder Scrolls is considered to be one of the most mesmerizing title when talking about the game series of the fantasy genre.

The latest game in The Elder Scrolls series is about to be released in the first quarter of 2019, which is known as The Elder Scrolls: Blades. The game is intended to be released for iOS platform. For further information click here.

5. Alien: Blackout

Alien: Blackout is the recent entry in the horror genre of mobile gaming. It’s an exclusive horror game released for mobile devices, particularly iOS, the game experiences a terror and fear inducing scenarios within the game-play.

Particularly, the game-play shows terrific stories, that makes the gaming experience fearful and horrific.  The game is available for download at iTunes for $4.99.

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Top 5 Android Games for the year 2019

With the rapid increase in the dimensions of mobile application development has led to the emergence of wide variety of applications including Android & iOS Games in 2019. Certainly, with growing age of handheld devices, game developers tend to develop quality-oriented android and iOS games to experience real world objects and insights to be produced for gamers.

Nowadays, people can find vast categories of games for Android and Apple Phones on Google Play Store & Apple App Store. However, it might be a challenging task to figure out who’s the contender.

Apart from the Android and iOS rivalry been there for decades. The leading companies in the gaming industry have been releasing vast collection of games in each quarter of the year. Mostly people tend to prefer gaming on handheld devices due to portability, efficiency, user-friendliness and numerous reasons.

The wide spectrum of gaming enthusiasts involved in creating communities, forums and related stuff, where they tend to review and discuss about the latest trending games for various platforms.

In this article, we have discussed about top rated games for Android platforms that are currently revolving around the market. Significantly, some games are free and some are available for download on paid basis, however, all of the games provide an exciting game play experience.

Android has unleashed the portable gaming experience with extensive Apps, Features and Updates massively releasing by the Android application developers at each quarter. The game developers tend to produce most awaited and anticipated games depending upon the target audiences and market sector of each state or country.

Whether you’re a casual gamer or a professional, you’ll experience the perception depending upon your skill set and aptitude to devise cutting edge practices in your professional occupation.

1. PUBG Mobile

It’s not been so long since PUBG hit the market. However, it’s one of the popular online shooting games for multiple platforms, also it’s freely available at Google Play Store. The Android Variant of the game has nearly 10 million downloads and a million user reviews.

PUBG features a battle royale game of 100 players on a small island. The players are intended to choose weapons, gears and vehicles within the island place, in order to battle around. The last person who is standing out is considered to be the winner.

Likewise, PUBG Mobile Lite is a lightweight variant of the game with few players in each match and lower graphical settings, that is available for devices equipped with lower system configurations.

2. Fortnite

Fortnite is one of the most popular game available on Android Platform. It’s freely available for download on Epic Games website for Android Platform.

Fortnite is a battle royale strategy-based game, in this game you’ll be required to lead building structures to strive your best. However, if you won’t be able to achieve this task, you need not to worry as it is already fun to play.

3. Human: Fall Flat

Human: Fall Flat is an open-ended puzzle game based on physical objects featuring alike-humanoid character named Bob, the game was initially released for Consoles and Microsoft Windows in the year 2017.

However, by achieving considerable success on its Console and Windows variants, gaming enthusiasts demanded a variant of the game for handheld devices, particularly Android. The news reports that Mobile Devices powered with Android will receive this game in the upcoming quarter of 2019.

4. Shadowguns War

The team of experienced developers at Madfingers games has revolutionized the mobile gaming industry with its new entry in the Shadowgun Series. The latest version, Shadowgun Wars is a multiplayer shooting game that is scheduled to be released for Android Platform in this year, 2019.

The game features various characters acting as heroes comprising of the artistic weapons and strategies, you’ll be required to coordinate with other players to achieve success in a mission. The game play is somehow similar to the exciting game known as hero shooter

5. Songs of Ruin

Songs of Ruin is an upcoming game comprising of hack and slash category is expected to be released this year for Android devices. The gameplay takes inspiration from the combat adventures of the famous game, dark souls.

The game will be released this year. The trailer of the game play depicts that the use of weapons, props and other entitled attributes of the game somehow resembles with the dark soul’s game play.

Mostly emerging companies from all around the world are coming up with new games for the Android Platform, Today, it’s an upheld position for android developers to produce diverse games of any genre available for platforms and most of the software development companies around the world are working on several game projects to deliver quality and customer satisfaction within a reasonable cost and price, such as android app developers from App Experts, a Leading IT Solutions Service Provider is working on delivering quality oriented Android Games for gaming enthusiasts.


7 Mobile App Development Trends to Follow in 2019

As we can observe the trend of owning more smartphones every year, the significance of mobile apps has been augmented too. From the playing applications and highly large games to ones that can help you to know about your health and fitness, mobile app development isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. It is expected to see more growth in mobile application development trends in 2019. For people who like to know about latest changes in mobile app development sector, here are a few trends that are expected in 2019.


IoT has remained a rage in the previous few years and is growing at a fast pace. Companies around the world have started to realize the power of digital media. The recent developments in the IoT area have allowed us to control several devices with the help of smart devices. The trend of using Smart devices interlinked through sensors and software within a network constantly exchange information and serve a broad range of objectives.

The implementation of IoT in the development of iOS applications and Android apps is likely to be an important disruption in 2019. It will create ways to develop more sophisticated iOS and Android mobile apps which will help companies to improve operations, minimize expenses and improve cybersecurity. Among sectors, the healthcare industry is going to initiate these mobile app trends in 2019.


AR and VR are technologies which are going to deliver the most practical experience to the users. The use of AR/VR is pretty common in the gaming world. Marketers have been taking advantage of this technology to promote their campaigns and target potential customers in a more efficient manner by using mobile apps. App Experts know the significance of the use of these trends for mobile app development. They can offer you the wide range solutions for mobile app development. In 2019 mobile app development trends will include the trend of using

AR/VR technology to interact with the target audience in an effective manner and improve the buying process. Since we can already observe the trend of social media campaigns in 2018, mobile apps will be developed with features of augmented and virtual realities so that they can interact in an effective manner. As we can see that Snapchat and Instagram have incorporated their AR filters.


Chatbots have evident to develop a more efficient self-service model which can give the users with personalized experience of getting answered their queries in real time. Initially, chatbots were increasingly used in messaging applications like Facebook, slack, Skype. Moreover, modernizations in Artificial intelligence have made it easy for businesses to incorporate chatbots in their native mobile applications. Chatbots can enhance the functionality of mobile apps and it has been evident in the past few years.

Their talkative interface augments engagement of customers and increases adoption of the app across the company. One of the significant benefits of the chatbot application in iOS and Android apps is that every user can increase the accuracy of results delivery for the app. This and several other benefits can improve the chatbot application in mobile development in 2019. App experts have a fair idea of how these trends can affect a business in a positive way.


AI has proved to be the most dominant technology trend in 2018 and will continue to maintain its importance in 2019 as well. However, AI has been there for the little time period, but it still has managed to contain various features to be explored so that companies can have several advantages. Recently, AI has been integrated with machine learning to have more improved experience in mobile app development. It has proved to be effective by showing positive results in evaluating the significant amount of the company’s information and equipping the management with valuable actionable insights.



We can see the changes in buying behavior of consumers and payment methods. In past, the most common medium of payment switched from cash to digital cards and also payments through paytm and Google pay. According to various researchers And Markets, the mobile wallet market is going to be increased.

These applications will help your smart devices assuming yet another significant part. Assuming that ongoing procedure in adopting the trend of e-commerce and consumer preference form wallets, there will be more apps for mobile payment seen joining the bandwagon in 2019.

Influence of Wearable Apps

As individuals are moving towards popular technologies, we can evidence creative ideas getting implemented. The idea of wearable apps can be considered as the significant one. According to the report of business intelligence, the market for wearables will increase by around 35% by 2019. Smartwatches not only help you to be a stylish person but also proved to be the crucial digital device on many fronts.

App Security to Become More Robust

Mobile app development will be more focused to eradicate the illegal activities and providing the users with protected apps. iOS and Android apps are going to be made with security features. So this year, iOS & Android app developers will try to eliminate all kind of mobile illegal activities such as hacking, phishing, and all sorts of illegal activities.


Books – Men’s best friend. A world of imagination, learning and exploration. The feeling reader’s get when turning those crisp book pages has no comparison.

Regardless of everything being available today on internet or books turning into E-Books on Kindle, the way original books work for you, digital screens are nowhere near to them.

Remember the time when we had to learn for our exams, highlighting important paragraphs or leaving footnotes stuck on pages left us feel something great has been accomplished? Or perhaps times when reading novels led us to a whole new world of imagination?

If digital screens were to be compared with books, it would be unfair. Though, one thing that stays constant is the charm learning from books has.

Now that we have you wandering on why are we articulating much about books, it’s because we have something for our techno-maniacs to know. We are aware of what a hassle to watch tutorials lets suppose for developing applications be? Trying to work simultaneously while watching them, forwarding or rewinding them when something needs to be repeated and Oops! In case your internet connection disrupts, it all goes down the drain.

What if we tell you we discovered a bunch of books that can help you learn the Art of Mobile App Development? Not only can you carry them and practice while reading but marking annotations can make it much easier for you to track pages you see as important.

Also, since we know it’s a world where IOS and Android both move hand in hand, we chose around 10 books, five for each operating system.

Do we have you keyed up? Let’s begin

Oh wait! Before we kick off let us tell you that selecting these from the stock wasn’t easy. But for those we thought had higher ratings were being picked.


From a huge range, we out picked the following that according to us can help you developing an android application easily. Not only this, we also checked whether Amazon has them in stock for shipping. So, if you just pick out a book after going through this article, you know where to have it shipped from.


A book by David Griffiths and Dawn Griffiths, being rated as 4.2/5 on Goodreads and 4.4/5 by O’Reilly Media it topped our listings. Application developing like any other developing process has its own lifecycle and steps. From scratch to final version, even if you are a novice at Programming or application development, the fine diagrams and illustrations will help you make your way through areas that are difficult to understand. In addition to all this, if you are a beginner you have nothing to worry about. As this book has been written so clearly that lab works in it get you the confidence no matter how new you are to this business. Available at Amazon you can get this book from $25 – $31, shipped at your doorstep and get going with Android programming without being dependent on an instructor to assist.

Amazon Link: Head First Android Development: A Brain-Friendly Guide



A Book by Mark Murphy with a rating of 4.3/5 on Goodreads, this book has 3 editions. From basics to advanced android programming and development it again entertains readers who are beginners or pro. Covering all topics that help with perfect android app development, it comprises of 2000+ pages. We are sure now you can gage how neatly has this book been written. Not only basics but proper understanding of NDK/SDK have been highlighted in this book.

Whether any new complex app is to be designed or integrating scripting languages is what you are looking for, it has you covered. With topics like NFC, Role of Scripting Languages, Scripting Layer for your Android and many more this book is available on Amazon with its editions between $5 – $99.



Sometimes, we want to learn things in the blink of an eye. Believe us or not, things are no more impossible. Just incase if you had a bet with your friend who is a pro at Application development for Android upon learning this art within 24 hours, this book is meant for you. Being rated at 3.6/5 by Good Reads and 5/5 by O’Reilly Media this colorful and easy to understand book will clear your head about the basics of Android Application Development.

Written by Shane Coder who himself has his vast expertise on app development as well as being a gadget-freak he has offered an extensive guide to Application Development Life-Cycle. From topics like Using Eclipse to building robust and user-friendly interfaces, it has all it can take you to learn developing an app within 24 hours. All you will be required to do is sit back and put in all your concentration here. Believe us, it won’t take you any effort in maintaining your focus as this book itself stands out being interesting enough. Ranging between $30 – $55, it is there on Amazon with 3 more editions.

Amazon Link: Android Application Development in 24 Hours, Sams Teach Yourself


Reto Meier, One of Google’s Lead Android Developer Advocates, this practical book and its editions walk you through the basic to most advanced level of designing an application. From the latest changes in Android platform and development, to mastering the design and lifecycle and User Interface of an Android application through practical examples, labs and activities, you learn all these in a manner through which you can on your own develop a user friendly, to go Android Application.

Being rated at 3.9/5 by Goodreads, Professional Android 4 Application Development is all about practical Implications of steps in making of an application for your gadgets. Not only is this book marked for beginners but also for experts who look forward to an easy updated guide about latest features such as drag and drop, the action bar etc. in android.

Available on amazon, its cost ranges between $20 – $40.



If you are a beginner and wish to be no less than a pro in developing android applications, Wei-Meng Lee has made it easier for you. With ratings of 3.5/5 by Goodreads, Uncovering the basic steps of android application development, it is a complete manual that helps you learn about core android tools and features to successfully developing your own mobile application. From phase one of this lifecycle to end, how themes and styles can be applied to adapting different screen sizes it all has been stated clearly in this book.

From $15 – $18 its stocked for you at Amazon.

Now that we are done with top five picks for Android App Development, we now head towards IOS.


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Ever used an application on your Apple device made you intrigued how was it developed? From the following range of books if you plan on developing one of your own, we assure you will be able to do it without an issue.


Not only apps can be used to fulfil a single purpose but also to market about you and your products. This book provides a comprehensive walk through to how can applications be surfaced for iPad or iPhones. From coding to executing, to learning about the new IAD API’s, cross promoting and adding promotional footers to your application, this book is a complete guide to how can you go about things without a hassle.

IOS can seem to be a little trickier then android but with easy step by step guidelines it can get as easy as child’s play. Available at amazon you can get this book for $30 onwards. 



Swift is the language of IOS. To be able to develop proficient and highly performant applications. With a rating of 3.7/5 by Goodreads and this is a brilliant book for you to learn swift from scratch. Not only does this help you know the principles of coding with Swift, examples on how to use it and features in this program, it is a particularly helpful read.

The detailed elaboration by Jon Hoffman, its author, the ease to learn step wise is worth recognizing.

With this comprehensive book you will learn and delve into the core components of Swift and how to handle it to master your own applications. Available on Amazon, you can purchase it for $40 onwards.



Who doesn’t like to play games in their spare time? And what an icing on cake will it be if you know how to develop one for your very own iPhone?

This cookbook has recipes that makes it much easier for you to learn making your own 2D/3D games. Simple and easy ingredients combined to get you shape your final dish is how its context can be summarized as. Topics that help you learn the architecture, techniques to input music and sound effects, usage of Artificial Intelligence, game controllers and much more are a part of index.

Learning gets easier if the context is just as how you see it to be. Efficient learning and getting hands on projects that are designed for you to experiment makes Swift fun to learn.

So, if you are planning on learning Swift for application development and that too for a game, this book is just a click away. Available on Amazon the price is only $30 onwards.



Written by Serhan Yamacli, this writeup guides you not only with extensive coding but also with the app designing fundamentals. From scratch it directs you about the programs that are to be installed before any of the steps are followed. Practical examples, screenshots, code snippets have clearly been illustrated in this book. Separate chapters for game apps and them developing have been written by Serhan that make it easier for you to learn.

From the first chapter where an introduction on how to develop an application to setting up an environment for its creation, details about programming language, adding tabs and functionalities all has been written in detail for you to understand and get a clear concept.

For $14 onwards available at Amazon, it is an economical buy. Not only does it ease out your understanding for Swift, but enlightens you with the operations you are to use in order to finalize your customized application.



With a 3.9/5 rating by Goodreads, we add this book to our list not because of its reviews but also because it includes latest innovations and recent improvements in iCloud support. Using story-boards it helps you learn and master on designing your own modern applications for usage.

With its downloadable book, chapters let you know and visualize how your app should seem to be and appear once made. Also, if you are an expert, it enhances your skills to master with the learning exercises. Explore with the chapters in this book how to excel with your self-learned techniques on making one of the best apps you intent to develop.

Its available easily again on Amazon, for $34 onwards and easy to be shipped at your doorstep to learn from.


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With the help of above listed books, not only for Android but also for IOS, you can master the Art of App Development that too with easy step, practical experiments and self-learning. There was a time when one used to think on getting enrolled for courses and diplomas to learn all this, but hats-off to those who have an expertise and believed in sharing their knowledge with others who aspire on becoming Android & iOS application developers.

Along with the extensive writeups, editions along with latest innovations are also assured to be released. Not only do these help its readers using all the attained information in experimenting, but also refer to the notes by authors to balance what they are learning.

Garrison Keillor said “A book is a gift you can open again and again”. Even though Internet has made everything easier with a click, but unless you have its connectivity you have nothing to look up to. Whereas, once you have a book on your shelf, no matter how many times you feel the need to look back at it or refer to it if have forgotten something, its just two steps away. That is picking from the shelf and opening it – There you get to what you have been looking for.

No wonder when said Books are men’s best friend, they really meant it. And with those from which you can learn, they never get old.

We hope these listings prove out being helpful for you while look forward to mastering the Art of Application Development. Who knows there might come a day, when all of this helps you become a pro and you end up writing one of your own!


What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?


Familiar with Bixby on your Samsung device? Or Siri on your iPhone? When machine starts interacting and reacting like humans do, this is what we term as Artificial Intelligence. Back in those times when we were kids and robots were just a thing, science just took a turn and brought us to an era where things walk and talk like us humans. Much more then Robots – Times where we are now encountering Virtual Robos that will change the future.

Guess what, with the ability to think and react, we got Smart Phones, Smart Computers, Smart homes etc. Basically, to cut it short – It’s all about making Machines Intelligent.

John McCarthy, the founder and one of the Fathers of Artificial Intelligence quoted

“Everyone needs computer programming. Its as if we are speaking to servants.”

Servants? Or perhaps mates?

You sure agree with us here. Relate to how we instruct google talk to place a call for us? Or Siri for absurd advices – This all is what Artificial Intelligence is all about. And yet again, for you to observe one of the prime gadgets took a toll in serving as its testing platforms – Take a guess on which gadget are we talking about?

Smart Phones.

With millions of mobile applications, android apps or IOS applications, there is an integrated programming that detects, thinks and responds.

Take an example – Google Maps? Don’t you feel when using one as if you are speaking to an imaginary friend who is there to guide? If we say after the evolution of Artificial Intelligence it all has taken a 360-degree turn, it won’t be wrong.

Not only has it effected our day to day lives but also the gadgets we use.

Want to explore how has AI effected and transformed our already advanced gadgets? How has it transformed the art of iOS & Android App Development? Or what are AI powered apps?

Let’s find out.


Science never fails to startle. And so, does its inventions. With emergence of Artificial Intelligence, it’s getting more complexed but easier for developers to integrate features in applications that can read human patterns and behaviors. Having an impact on lives, it also is having one to the Science of application development.



Developers are always keen to bring in updates to already existing applications. Before it was sort of a One-Man show or in other words One-Device show. Us humans would have never imagined interacting with some device. AI has changed it all – Being integrated with many apps we now have come to a point where apps can detect human behaviors, respond as per their patterns and interact making user engagement easy.

There always is a room for improvement, right? With more and more combinations of AI and Basic apps, developers are advancing further in making them adapt more and more user data, insights and patterns. Thus, the more the data, more will be the information for analysis. Technically, they will be Intelligent mobile apps.


No matter whatever someone thinks about AI Advancements, the demand of user experience is one of AI Technology’s greatest achievements. All hail to the artificial intelligence ideas that people using them now can experience it all live.

Could you ever have imagined watching movies and experiencing shots as they were exclusive? 3D and 4D effects has all made it possible.

Or, when your mobile simply detects your voice with a command or say your face through smart mobile apps like Voice Recognition or Face detectors?

It all is a milestone achieved in the history of AI. With AI powered apps, not only can your gadget recognize you but also perform as per your commands. Interesting – Isn’t it? How you can now drive your own gadget with your voice? With all these, developers are striving in figuring out better and much advanced Mobile App ideas with Artificial Intelligence to give you an exciting experience.

AI with its technology is in a way giving a new life to Android & iOS application development. Integration of Artificial Intelligence in Mobile Technology has not only startled its developers but also those using it with utmost satisfaction. Why wouldn’t they? Ease is what they are getting after all. Ease on commanding apps to perform tasks for them. Also, we heard about AppExperts and multiple others brands who have expertise in mobile app development. Just in case if you are planning on getting an AI Powered Application developed for your business you know whom to contact.

We believe, there is much more in days to come. Much more to explore and much more to learn. With all these technological advancements, it will be a new world where Machines and Humans will live together!

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Bloomy is back with another round of exciting blogs for its readers. Hope the weather has been treating you well.

Earlier reading a couple of articles, Expo 2020 was something that caught my attention quite many times. The way preparations are taking place gave me goosebumps because surely this is not some ordinary event that is about to take place this time in the City of Gold (Dubai).


The site that has been finalized for this event covers a total of 438 hectares. Located in the south district of Dubai, its near the Al-Maktoum International Airport.


If you somehow are not too familiar with what an Expo is. It is a fair where nations unite, an international bazaar where State’s take part to put on display their achievements. These can be scientific, industrial, technological or artistic. Whenever this event is to take place, hundreds of countries volunteered to host this BREATH-TAKING EVENT.

These exhibitions are usually thematic that are supposed to be based on grounds of humanity. Dubai’s proposition for that to be held in 2020 is known as CONNECTING MINDS, BUILDING THE FUTURE. The theme of EXPO 2020 recognizes the need to generate sustainable solutions to overcome global problems. You can imagine how huge would the event be by just knowing that an estimate of 25 million visitors are expected to come. This too for sure pops in one’s mind as to how will it all be managed?


In this fast-moving realm where everything seems to get easier or find a solution for itself within a glimpse, managing an event that too technological seems pretty challenging. Though, we are sure they are pretty well equipped themselves. With latest technologies such as Web, iOS and Android applications – things have gotten much uncomplicated. Also, mobile applications and the ones that have been recently launched, we believe will play a vital role in promoting this event.

How will that be possible? Let’s have a look on how applications will assist in different Expo 2020 activities.


25m is surely not a small number. Such huge crowd, one can for sure lose track. Above all with the challenging security issues, it cannot be taken lightly. How far can a coordinator or security manager go remembering faces that have registered for this event? Not much. But if we talk about Face Recognition Application, we assume this can lessen the burden to much extent.

For all those who have registered and with the images submitted, visitors can easily without a hassle enter the exhibitions premises ensuring all security checks have been made. On a lighter note, try not to lose much facial weight, incase the app fails to detect, it will not be possible for you to enter. Also, if you are volunteering for this event as a coordinator or supervisor, this can give you an edge on being hassle free from scanning each and every individual stepping in.


Having passes being issued, you can expect some fraudulent activities too to take place. There can be fake pass issuance just for the sake of making money? But what if the original ones have a Bar/QR code embossed?

With the help of new features added that can scan Bar Codes or QR Codes, not only the authenticity of passes and beholder’s genuineness but these can also be the discount passes for who-knows-what lucky draws maybe?


Sometimes it gets difficult to access to an events official website only to track what’s happening and what’s new. However, this application has solely been developed so that those who have interest can find no hassle in keeping themselves updated about what’s trending in expo 2020. It’s a peek-a-boo to what can one expect will happen at this major event of awesomeness.


We know its going to be a lot of people stepping in for this event. And we also are aware that accommodation and travels will be at their peak. Applications like etc. won’t only be the helping guide while looking for cheaper flight details or where can one rent a room out, but also can one explore the nearest spot that will not take you long reaching this site. We know the excitement would be killing if you had to wait for long.


Even if you have been residing in supposedly a nearby district or city, let’s say Sharjah or Abu Dhabi, Google Maps or any other location identifying app can guide you straight to the venue. Also, not being aware of location is no more a hassle as Navigator/GPS is always to the rescue.

These are certainly not the ONLY applications that will help or prove out to be useful for activities taking place at expo 2020 but a lot of other Android and iOS apps where conveyance etc. will also be needed, these will play a significant role and so will many others.

In App Experts we have our research on this going on. Perhaps we will come up soon with another blog that will have more insights about Expo 2020. Till then, if you have any applications that came to your mind in all this while and has been skipped by us, how about letting us know about them?


As we discussed in the previous article about the best tool for android app development called Android Studio, now we are talking about the top iOS app development tool named X-Code.


Recalling on how X-Men have always been your ever favorite? X-code will now be the next on your list once you start loving the art of App Development.

Java being the base language for Android, IOS works with Swift programming language. Being a completely different platform, IOS has its own showdown when it comes to programming. X-Code being one of the best gizmos for iOS application development, requires the following steps to be followed.

1- STEP 1:

Yet again, it all requires for the program to be downloaded. Log on to the MAC App store to install the program or perhaps google it. Since the versions keep on upgrading, ensure you get the hook of the latest one available.

2- STEP 2:

Start off by selecting for yourself a new project. This will come under the IOS tab from where you can choose what type of an application are you opting for.

3- STEP 3:

The next step requires you to name your outline. Remember! The language you have to opt for is “SWIFT”.

4- STEP 4:

Save what you have done so far and proceed with creating the new project. To gain a little familiarity with how to work with X-code you can check out different tutorials available on Google.

5- STEP 5:

In order to run your application which will be done on IOS simulator, the option has been integrated in X-code. All you have to do is select for the Hardware i.e. iPad or iPhone to run the application smoothly. This is the initial step from where your basic app is ready to run on device selected. From here on wards you can start creating further flow of your application.

6- STEP 6:

To proceed, you need to access the source file marked available in navigation area. This holds for you the canvas to design and edit your application. The designs and layouts are what you can create from here on wards.

7- STEP 7:

Once the application has been created, X-Code equips you to debug any errors if made. The feature “Auto Layout Debugging” has specifically been installed to help you fixate any issues made in the layout.

8- STEP 8:

Once through with all the steps, now you have successfully made it to the cessation. Check your application by testing it on your device and Voila! Its all set to go.

The information provided above is just a little peep into how the best app development tools work. Me and my team could have provided with a number of tools that serve the same purpose but the reason for choosing the best one out was to ensure that we provide you with a platform that can cater all of it in one go from the same staging.

Hope these prove out to be helpful, for if you plan on creating an app of your own.

Just in case if any one of you has used these Engines before let us know about your experiences? Or if you do after reading this blog do tell us how helping did it prove out to be.

Remember, the more we share the more we learn. Never refrain from sharing the amount of knowledge you’ve got with others. Oh! But do ensure whatever you share is at least authentic. Or else it can back fire.

Thank you for showing interest in our tech blogs. Until next, this is bloomy signing off.


Bloomy welcomes you back. Hope you all are geared up for another striking tech blog.

Being a tech maniac, digging the basics of how things function has always been of keen interest to me. From the basic Nokia 3310 to Samsung 9+ or iPhone X, I have always had the curiosity to get to the bottom line. Believe it or not, it’s a whole new world when one starts exploring.

The time when these applications started taking over, they had me intrigued. I used to question myself – How can one create such cracking applications that hold an undivided cosmos within them? What tools could have been used to start off from the scratch and reach to the terminal?

Einstein said “I have no special talent. I am just passionately curious”. And look where curiosity led him. I for sure have no comparison with the great man here but it’s the inquisitive nature of mine that helps me get to the details.

So, after a whole lot of research, I got a hold of the best tools one can use for App Development.

Now being in a world where its not only Apple but also Android that’s moving with a fast pace, I picked out one that is best for each of these.


With the versions of platforms available, we have two to choose from. Android and IOS. Both being of different scores, we have different tools for them. Starting off with Android, the developing app that suits best is Android Studio. Let’s get into the details of how is it the best one out.


As the name speaks for itself. This IDE has been dedicated to Android. Java being the basic language code for Android, you certainly don’t need to master on the Language codes as far as you have a little know how about the same. I intend on elaborating how can one go about with Android Studio in order to develop an application of their own.

1- STEP 1:

Every cycle starts off with a single step. For this to mount with, you need to begin with Installing the Program i.e. Android Studio following the instructions provided.

2- STEP 2:

You will have to begin with “Start with a new Android Studio Project”. Here you get to assign a new name to your project. Also ensure that the Phone/Tablet check box has been marked right for you to be able to test your application once ready.

3- STEP 3:

The game starts here. Welcome the Realm with your own customized message in the section of MAIN ACTIVITY. This will be the key to your city. The door from where the end users will get to peep inside what you have created for them.

4- STEP 4:

This is from where the users will lead to pages ahead. Drag on to the button from the main menu to your page and name it as per your choice. This button will be the link between your initial and next pages.

5- STEP 5:

Now comes the time when you have to input your second activity. The other set of events for the end customer. From the main menu, select for New > Activity > Blank Activity (Which can be renamed as per your desire).

Ensure you finish all the activities before moving on to the next step.

6- STEP 6:

This step is about interlinking your previous activities with a click. An on-click button through which you can get back to the activities or move ahead to your desired page.

7- STEP 7:

Your final exam is now here. Testing of your application. Once the green play symbol has been pressed, it asks you to choose your device for the rundown. After the emulator has been launched, your app will auto run on the device opted for.

8- STEP 8:

All-Hail! As your first ever Android application is all set to proceed with. This was the basic process cycle for you to develop an initial interface to start off with.

I hope being an android user and a beginner level developer, this guide proves out to be contributive towards further learning and future Android app developments.


Next on the blog, we have the best tool for IOS App Development. Named as: X-Code


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Sitting on your couch, sipping your favorite cappuccino all of a sudden you feel the urge of munching on to something. You tap open Zomato, place an order from your favorite restaurant and there. All you have to do now is wait for the delivery guy to buzz! Appeasing, right?

Now just think for a second. What if you did not have the ease of having an application named Zomato on your mobile phone? Or any other for that matter?

Honestly, if it would have been me and I had to choose between sacrificing my hunger or calling in to place an order – I would have opted for the former. Holding on for hours on call would have actually built on to my anger more than my craving for food.

Oh! A little introduction before we move forward. Its Bloomy here. Your tech mate.  In my blogs I try to put forward what I feel interests my readers.

Anyhow, let’s get back to business. Where were we? Food App?

In an era where everything is just a click away, this world has now become all about Convenience. It does not date long back when one had to apply for half day prior at work just because a visit to the bank was to be made. Or waiting at the bus stop for Cab before making it to an important meeting would have required you to leave your desk at least half an hour earlier.

This is where worries mastered out. It’s always important for one to identify the need and then find a solution for its fulfillment. Here the need was Saving time and energy as well as not having to compromise on chores that were equally important.

About this was the time when smartphones played a vital role in serving as platforms. Not only this but businesses figured out how important was it for them to reach their customers wherever they may be. Tools like Stetho, Unity 3d came into existence for app development. Platforms like AppExperts started catering consumer needs of getting a customized application developed.

Distances shrinked with Skype. Commuting just got easier with Careem/Uber. Your favorite platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn etc. no longer compelled you to switch on your desktops to access. Because they now were just a click away on your mobile phones. What made all of this possible?

The Availability of Mobile Applications.

Did you know these apps and their initiators strive day in and out to get better? Whom for? For you. For its users. Improvising is an art they follow effortlessly as monotony can ultimately lead to boredom. I was just checking out an article where I came across that recently Twitter is testing its home button through which users will now be able to check out the best tweets first. Enthralled? Check out more on “Twitter testing home screen button to easily switch to reverse chronological

Times when one had enough hours left to relax and perform other activities are now gone. Everything that can help you breathe easy is in now your Pocket/Carryall.

Isn’t it all interesting? Times when life looked busy and hectic. I surely don’t mean to say it no more is. But with these innovations, things got more accommodating. Much adapting and much more well-planned.

I hope I had your attention all the way through while you were reading. Hoping to see you again in my upcoming blog where I plan on writing about some exciting tools for you to create your own Mobile Applications.

Stick around as we have a lot more to come in for our readers.