As we discussed in the previous article about the best tool for android app development called Android Studio, now we are talking about the top iOS app development tool named X-Code.


Recalling on how X-Men have always been your ever favorite? X-code will now be the next on your list once you start loving the art of App Development.

Java being the base language for Android, IOS works with Swift programming language. Being a completely different platform, IOS has its own showdown when it comes to programming. X-Code being one of the best gizmos for iOS application development, requires the following steps to be followed.

1- STEP 1:

Yet again, it all requires for the program to be downloaded. Log on to the MAC App store to install the program or perhaps google it. Since the versions keep on upgrading, ensure you get the hook of the latest one available.

2- STEP 2:

Start off by selecting for yourself a new project. This will come under the IOS tab from where you can choose what type of an application are you opting for.

3- STEP 3:

The next step requires you to name your outline. Remember! The language you have to opt for is “SWIFT”.

4- STEP 4:

Save what you have done so far and proceed with creating the new project. To gain a little familiarity with how to work with X-code you can check out different tutorials available on Google.

5- STEP 5:

In order to run your application which will be done on IOS simulator, the option has been integrated in X-code. All you have to do is select for the Hardware i.e. iPad or iPhone to run the application smoothly. This is the initial step from where your basic app is ready to run on device selected. From here on wards you can start creating further flow of your application.

6- STEP 6:

To proceed, you need to access the source file marked available in navigation area. This holds for you the canvas to design and edit your application. The designs and layouts are what you can create from here on wards.

7- STEP 7:

Once the application has been created, X-Code equips you to debug any errors if made. The feature “Auto Layout Debugging” has specifically been installed to help you fixate any issues made in the layout.

8- STEP 8:

Once through with all the steps, now you have successfully made it to the cessation. Check your application by testing it on your device and Voila! Its all set to go.

The information provided above is just a little peep into how the best app development tools work. Me and my team could have provided with a number of tools that serve the same purpose but the reason for choosing the best one out was to ensure that we provide you with a platform that can cater all of it in one go from the same staging.

Hope these prove out to be helpful, for if you plan on creating an app of your own.

Just in case if any one of you has used these Engines before let us know about your experiences? Or if you do after reading this blog do tell us how helping did it prove out to be.

Remember, the more we share the more we learn. Never refrain from sharing the amount of knowledge you’ve got with others. Oh! But do ensure whatever you share is at least authentic. Or else it can back fire.

Thank you for showing interest in our tech blogs. Until next, this is bloomy signing off.

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