Sitting on your couch, sipping your favorite cappuccino all of a sudden you feel the urge of munching on to something. You tap open Zomato, place an order from your favorite restaurant and there. All you have to do now is wait for the delivery guy to buzz! Appeasing, right?

Now just think for a second. What if you did not have the ease of having an application named Zomato on your mobile phone? Or any other for that matter?

Honestly, if it would have been me and I had to choose between sacrificing my hunger or calling in to place an order – I would have opted for the former. Holding on for hours on call would have actually built on to my anger more than my craving for food.

Oh! A little introduction before we move forward. Its Bloomy here. Your tech mate.  In my blogs I try to put forward what I feel interests my readers.

Anyhow, let’s get back to business. Where were we? Food App?

In an era where everything is just a click away, this world has now become all about Convenience. It does not date long back when one had to apply for half day prior at work just because a visit to the bank was to be made. Or waiting at the bus stop for Cab before making it to an important meeting would have required you to leave your desk at least half an hour earlier.

This is where worries mastered out. It’s always important for one to identify the need and then find a solution for its fulfillment. Here the need was Saving time and energy as well as not having to compromise on chores that were equally important.

About this was the time when smartphones played a vital role in serving as platforms. Not only this but businesses figured out how important was it for them to reach their customers wherever they may be. Tools like Stetho, Unity 3d came into existence for app development. Platforms like AppExperts started catering consumer needs of getting a customized application developed.

Distances shrinked with Skype. Commuting just got easier with Careem/Uber. Your favorite platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn etc. no longer compelled you to switch on your desktops to access. Because they now were just a click away on your mobile phones. What made all of this possible?

The Availability of Mobile Applications.

Did you know these apps and their initiators strive day in and out to get better? Whom for? For you. For its users. Improvising is an art they follow effortlessly as monotony can ultimately lead to boredom. I was just checking out an article where I came across that recently Twitter is testing its home button through which users will now be able to check out the best tweets first. Enthralled? Check out more on “Twitter testing home screen button to easily switch to reverse chronological

Times when one had enough hours left to relax and perform other activities are now gone. Everything that can help you breathe easy is in now your Pocket/Carryall.

Isn’t it all interesting? Times when life looked busy and hectic. I surely don’t mean to say it no more is. But with these innovations, things got more accommodating. Much adapting and much more well-planned.

I hope I had your attention all the way through while you were reading. Hoping to see you again in my upcoming blog where I plan on writing about some exciting tools for you to create your own Mobile Applications.

Stick around as we have a lot more to come in for our readers.

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